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September 27, 2012

Mass Graves exhumations begin in Somaliland by a Peruvian forensic anthropology team (EPAF)

Mass Graves exhumations begin in Somaliland by a Peruvian forensic anthropology team (EPAF)

A Peruvian forensic anthropology team has started on a project that is expected to reveal details of the widespread atrocities that were committed under the rule of dictator Siyad Barre against the people of Somaliland.

Truth behind enforced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, torture and other human rights violations of Somalilanders is about to be unearthed.

The Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team – EPAF, has begun exhumations in in the country, as part of a five-year agreement signed with the government thus unearth the truth behind an estimated 60,000 civilian deaths and hundreds of victims of enforced disappearances from 1970 to 1991.

The EPAF team which will also training local forensic personnel and college students of biomedical sciences in order to avail of the country relevant forensic expertise.

The exhumations result from the enforced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, torture and other human rights violations perpetrated during the reign of dictator Siyad Barre whose underlings are credited with the over 60,000 deaths and hundreds of unexplained disappearances

One of the main perpetrators in this case is General Mohamed Ali Samatar, who was Vice President and Defense Minister of the Democratic Republic of Somalia from 1980 to 1986. In January 1987, Samatar took over as Prime Minister of Somalia, until the fall of Barre dictatorship in 1990.

During the cause of its duties, the Jose Pablo’s led EPAF team that also includes a number of international journalists is assisted by Mr. Abdiaziz Mohamed Diriye who was part of the team that brought Gen Ali Samatar to justice in the USA where he was found guilty of committing atrocities against Somalilanders and fine $21 Million.

While informing that most of the mass graves documented has a minimum of 12 corpses the national massacre investigations committee, which is supporting the EPAF, work, gave the following breakdown of mass graves so far identified:-

I. Hargeisa (Maroodi-Jeeh region) – 200 mass graves

II. Berbera (Sahil region) – 12 mass graves

III. Burao (Togdheer region) – 8 mass graves

IV. Sheikh (Sahil region) – 1 mass grave

V. Erigavo (Sanaag region) – 2 mass graves

VI. Arabsiyo (Gabile region) – 1 mass grave

The Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team (EPAF) is a non-profit organization that promotes the right to truth, justice, and guarantees of non-repetition in cases of forced disappearance and extrajudicial execution. EPAF seeks to contribute to the consolidation of peace and democracy where grave human rights violations have taken place by working alongside the families of the disappeared to find their loved ones, gain access to justice, and improve the conditions affecting their political and economic development.

To achieve these goals, EPAF works in four principal areas: Forensic Investigation, Historical Memory, Forensic Training, and Human Development.

 Peruvian Forensic Anthropology (EPAF):


February 13, 2012

Video:Maxkamadeynta Dhagarqabe Jen. Maxamed Cali Samatar Oo 21ka Bishan Ka Furmaysa Dalka Mareykanka

CJA :The Center For Justice & Accountability Letter on General Ali Samantar case

Dear Friends,

I am writing to share some exciting news. After over seven years of litigation, which has featured two appeals, including one that went all the way to the Supreme Court, and travel to six countries ranging from the U.S. to Djibouti to Somaliland, with stops in Italy, England, and Switzerland – our case against General Mohamed Samantar is finally going to trial.

As you may know, this is the first case to go to trial that will seek to hold any member of the former Siad Barre regime responsible for the countless atrocities that were inflicted on innocent civilians in Somalia in the 1980s. During the 1980s, General Samantar served as the highest ranking military official in the country and held the positions of Defense Minister, First Vice President, and Prime Minister. He was Siad Barre’s right-hand and the commander of the armed forces that unleashed the campaign of terror.
For more on the case, click here.

Along with pro bono co-counsel Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, we are very honored to represent our four clients who have persevered in their effort to seek justice.

The trial is set to start on February 21. We anticipate that the trial will last approximately two weeks. We would be delighted if you are able to attend some of the proceedings. If not, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter. The trial will take place at  Albert V. Bryan U.S. Courthouse, 401 Courthouse Square, Alexandria, VA. If you have any questions please e-mail

Pamela Merchant
Executive Director–21st.html?soid=1101292569561&aid=WBsQE1LdTlM#fblike

Video:Maxkamadeynta Dhagarqabe Jen. Maxamed Cali Samatar Oo 21ka Bishan Ka Furmaysa Dalka Mareykanka

July 21, 2011

Ex-Somali Prime Minister to be deposed in war crimes suit

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Ex-Somali Prime Minister to be deposed in war crimes suit

Ex-Somali Prime Minister Ali Samantar (War Criminal)

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) – Aziz Deria has waited seven years to confront the former Somali leader he blames for the deaths of his father, brother and thousands of his countrymen. He could have his chance this week.

Somalia’s former prime minister Mohamed Ali Samantar is scheduled to begin a deposition Thursday in a federal lawsuit accusing him of war crimes. The northern Virginia resident pulled out of previously planned questioning by citing ill health, but a judge has ordered him to cooperate this time unless extraordinary circumstances arise.

Aziz Deria has waited seven years to confront the former Somali leader he blames for the deaths of his father, brother and thousands of his countrymen. He could have his chance this week. Somalia's former prime minister Mohamed Ali Samantar is scheduled to begin a deposition Thursday, July 21, 2011 in a federal lawsuit accusing him of war crimes.

His accuser is skeptical of his efforts to avoid the deposition.

“This man knows what he has done. He will try to do anything to be away from the court system,” said Deria, a 47-year-old businessman in Bellevue, Wash.

In 2004, a human rights group helped Deria and another man sue Samantar under a U.S. law that allows civil action against foreign officials responsible for torture or wrongful killings. They allege Samantar, a one-time top lieutenant to dictator Siad Barre, commited war crimes against northern Somalia’s Isaaq clan in retribution for what he perceived as efforts to split Somalia in two.

Deria’s father is among those who killed in a crackdown on the clan, the lawsuit alleges. The Barre regime collapsed in 1991, and there hasn’t been a strong national government there since.

Samantar was once one of the most important men in Africa, a power broker who used Somalia’s strategic position on the Horn of Africa to gain alternating favor from the United States and the Soviet Union. He served from 1980 to 1986 as defense minister, building one of most formidable armies in sub-Saharan Africa. He served as prime minister from 1986 to 1990.

He now lives in a split-level in the Washington suburb of Fairfax, surrounded not by presidents and potentates but by large extended family. He is still well-known among Somali diaspora.

His illnesses aren’t contrived, says his lawyer Joseph Peter Drennan, explaining that Samantar is on dialysis and has become weaker in recent weeks. He has filed emergency motions with an appeals court seeking to halt the lawsuit. But a judge has ordered that Samantar submit to three days of depositions this month.

For Deria, who is represented by the San Francisco-based Center for Justice and Accountability, the opportunity to question Samantar is the primary reason he has pursued a lawsuit for so many years. The lawsuit was once tossed out by a federal judge who said Samantar had diplomatic immunity, but the U.S. Supreme Court disagreed and reinstated it.

Samantar isn’t wealthy, so Deria does not expect to profit financially. Holding him accountable is the real goal.

Yet many Somalis, even those victimized by the Barre regime, don’t understand why Deria is pursuing Samantar through the U.S. court system.

“They don’t know how to hold people accountable,” Deria said, referring to Somalis and others throughout the developing world, where political leaders are typically above the law. “I want my people to learn about accountability.”

“For him to pretend he is innocent, and that nobody can touch him, it is insulting to our intelligence,” Deria said.

The Somali diaspora has mixed feelings about Samantar and others from the Barre regime, said Ahmed Elmi, chairman of the Somali American Community Association in Silver Spring, Md. Many don’t understand the need to dredge up the past when bad conditions in Somalia still need attention, he said. And while most recognize that atrocities occurred under Barre, others also remember years when schools were built and the country flourished.

Elmi said Somali immigrants generally respect surviving elders from the Barre regime.

For his part, Elmi understands and supports victims’ desire for justice.

“That’s why we have a court,” Elmi said. “If he did these things to my family, I would do the same.”

The lawsuit is deeply personal to Samantar. In 1988, he was a college student in California when Somalia began to deteriorate. His father, Mohamed Deria Ali, operated a large import-export business and planned to move the family from Hargeisa to the capital of Mogadishu. Before he could, though, the military attacked the town the town where many Issaq clan members lived.

Back in the U.S., Aziz Deria lost contact with his family. He eventually learned that his father and younger brother, Mustafa Deria, were taken from the family home and never seen again.

Still, Deria gives Samantar credit for his role in Somalia’s wars against Ethiopia early in his career. He feels sorry for Samantar in some ways and doesn’t consider him evil.

“He became ruthless to survive,” Deria said. “I don’t think he’s a bad person at all. It’s just the nature of dictators.”

Samantar has refused multiple interview requests, but his lawyer said he didn’t persecute the Isaaq clan while in power.

“Samantar, above all, is a fervent nationalist who believes all Somalis should live under one flag,” Drennan said. “He is proud of his service to his country.”

Drennan said the lawsuit is about clan grievances among the Isaaq, many of whom have pursued establishment of an independent state in northern Somalia.

“Certainly, there were human rights abuses under the Barre regime. It was not a democratic regime. But is it worse than al-Shabab?” he asked, referring to the radical Islamic militia that now controls large swaths of the country and is aligned with al-Qaida.

Deria knows that the lawsuit alone won’t provide closure. He’s also been traveling back to the region surrounding his home city to help provide proper burials for remains from hundreds of mass graves dug during the Barre regime. In the rainy seasons, bones sometimes wash up from the river beds.

“It is so disgusting to see the skeletons come out. Those skeletons could be my father, my brother, my cousins” Deria said. “For me to have any closure, those people need to have a proper burial. … It bothers me whenever it rains. It really makes my heart sink.”

April 3, 2011

US Judge ruled: Ex-Somali Prime Minister to face court

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US Judge ruled: Ex-Somali Prime Minister to face court


Former Somali PM Gen. M.Ali Samantar-War Criminal

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A judge ruled Friday that a former Somali prime minister who has been living quietly in the U.S. for the last 14 years can be questioned under oath in a federal lawsuit alleging he oversaw war crimes and other abuses against his own people more than a quarter century ago.

U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema denied a motion to dismiss the suit against Mohamed Ali Samantar, who was Somalia’s defense minister, and later prime minister, in the 1980s under the regime of dictator Siad Barre.


The suit against Samantar, who now lives in Fairfax, was first filed in 2004, alleging that he oversaw abuses committed as part of the government’s campaign of repression against the Isaaq clan in the northern part of the country.


The case has languished in the courts for nearly seven years. Brinkema dismissed the case in 2007, ruling that Samantar was entitled to immunity. But the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the case. And earlier this year the State Department, in a rare move, recommended to the judge that Samantar should not receive immunity, in large part because there is no longer a recognized central government in Somalia that can request immunity on Samantar’s behalf.


Following Brinkema’s ruling on Friday allowing the case to proceed, Samantar’s accusers will for the first time be able to question him in a deposition about alleged abuses, including killings and torture, against the Isaaq clan.


“This is a great day for justice,” said Natasha Fain, a lawyer with the San Francisco-based Center for Justice and Accountability, which is representing the plaintiffs. “For all this time the defendant has been saying he shouldn’t even have to answer his accusers in court.”


One of the plaintiffs, Aziz M. Deria of Bellevue, Wash., who alleges that his father and other family members were killed by forces under Samantar’s direction, flew across the country to attend Friday’s hearing. He has traveled to Somalia several times to document abuses that occurred there.


“I really want this guy to answer our questions,” said Deria, who acknowledged that efforts to hold Samantar accountable for his actions are not universally well received among the Somali community. “Back home, authority figures are considered above the law.”


Joseph Peter Drennan, Samantar’s lawyer, argued Friday that the case should be tossed out for several reasons, including an expiration of the statute of limitations. He also said the courts should not wade into what he argues is essentially a political dispute.


Samantar has denied any wrongdoing and did not attend Friday’s hearing, though many of his family members did.


The Associated Press.

March 29, 2011

War-bixin Xiiso Leh: Xasuuqii Cali Samater Ka Gaystay Somaliland Iyo Duuliyeyaashii Shisheeye Iyo Waliba Kuwii Somaaliyeed Ee Qaybta Libaax Ka Qaatay Duqayntii Dhinca Cirka Ee Somaliland

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War-bixin Xiiso Leh: Xasuuqii Cali Samater Ka Gaystay Somaliland Iyo Duuliyeyaashii Shisheeye Iyo Waliba Kuwii Somaaliyeed Ee Qaybta Libaax Ka Qaatay Duqayntii Dhinca Cirka Ee Somaliland

Former Somalia PM Gen. Mohamed A. Samantar-War Criminal

( waxbay hagtaa, dadkuna wuu haybiyaa……Dhacdo kasta oo dunida ka

dhacdaa raad ayey ka tagtaa, siiba dhacdooyinka murgada leh ee ay ka mid yihiin

Xasuuqa iyo dil wadareedka lagu bartilmaamaysto Isir iyo Qoomiyad gaara oo aan waxba

galabsan. sida caadiga ah wax kasta oo la qariyaa ma qarsoomaan, wakhti kasta ha

qaadatee wax badan ayaa la ogaadaa marka muddo ka soo wareegto. Waxa jira Hadal

Murtiyeed uu yidhi abwaan Abdi-Gahayr oo iminka lagu maahmaaho, kaas oo ah*Cuqub

halkii lagu galay ayey Caw Ku hurudaa* Dulucda Murtidu xambaarsantahay ayaa ah Danbi

kasta halkii lagu galay ayaa laga Ogyey, cid kasta oo gashayna waa la ogyey ama waa

la ogaan-doonaa. Waxa aan xasuutaa muddo iminka ku dhaw labo sano ayaa xaflad soo

dhaweyn ah lagu qabtay Xarunta Golaha Wakiilada Somaliland, Xafladaa ayaa lagu

maamuusay oo lagu soo dhaweeye Duuliye Soomaaliyeed oo diiday in duqeeyo Hargeysa

iyo Hareeraheeda oo markaas ay wadhnaayeen Shacab diifaysan oo ka sii qaxaayey

dagaalkii ka socda Magaalada. Duuliyaha ayaa hubkii uu dayaarada ku siday ku

daadiyey Badda, Dayaaradiina fadhiisiyey Jabuuti. Duuliyahaa Soo dhaweynta iyo

Xafladaha ay taariikhdu ku xustay, waxa ka ag dhaw oo iyana ay taariikhdu maanta

xusaysaa Duuliyeyaashii Soomaaliyeed iyo kuwii Shisheeye ee sida Axmaqnimada ah ugu

garaacay Bambooyinka iyo hubka culus Maatadii iyo Caruurtii qaxaysay, kuwaas oo

Magacyadoodii iyo meelaha ay dhalasho ahaan ka soo jeedeen aan ku bayaamindoono

Qoraalkan badhtankiisa iyo Gabogabadiisa-ba.

Ali Samatar with Siad Barre

Sooyaalka Taariikheed ee ka waramaaya colaadii bahalnimada ahayd iyo Xasuuqii

Isirnimo ee Kacaankii Dhiig yacabka ahaa uu ka gaystay Gayiga somaliland maaha mid

hal qormo lagu soo koobi-karaayo. Haddaba waxa aan qormadan ku soo qaadanaynaa

maanta Kaalintii Ciidankii Cirka ee Somalia iyo Calooshood u Shaqaystayaashii

Shisheeyaha ahaa ay ka qaateen Duqayntii cirka ee lagu Burburiye Somaliland.

Sanadkii-1983…Dowlada Imaaraadku *UAE* waxay Somalia deeq ahaan u siisay 14

Dayuuradood oo noocoodo kala ahaa:10 dayaaradood oo ahaa Hunters iyo 4 dayaaradood

oo ahaa nooca loo yaqaano Islander. Ciidankii cirka ee Somalia wuxuu u baahday

khubaro aqoon u leh dayaaradaha dagaalka ee Hunters-ka, kuwaas oo la doonaayey in ay

tababar siiyaan saraakiil Soomaliya. Ganacsade La yidhaado Jama Guuleed Abdi (Jama

Buluug) oo Xigto hoose yihiin Ahmed Saleebaan Dafle, si gaarana ugu xidhnaa Siyaad

Bare iyo inta ka ag dhow ayaa hawshii keenida khubarada Hunters-ka loo xilsaaray.

Mr. Jama-Buluug oo Xaruntiisu Nairobi ahayd waxa uu qandaraas Naas-nuujin ah ku

helay dabayaaqadii 1982 Keenista Shiidaalka Dayaaradaha yar-yar ee noocoodu

yahay*Seimarcceti super petrol nooca Avion-cento ottoni* Waxa kale oo Qandaraas lagu

siiyey Jama-Buluug in South Africa iyo Zimbawi ka soo kireeyo 4 Duuliyeyaal iyo 4

Farsamoyaqaan oo ku shaqeeya qaab calooshood-u-shaqaystenimo ah, ku darso oo waliba

waxa South Africa wakhtigaa Gacnta ku hayey Xukunkii Cunsuriga ahaa ee la odhan

jiray Aparthied. Jama-Buluug oo qaab musuq ah ugu milmay Taliskii Ciidankii Cirka

ayaa xafiis ka furtay saldhigii dayaaradaha ee Balidoogle oo u dhawaa Baydhabo,

halkaas waxa laga abaabulay tababarkii ugu horeeyey ee Caddaankii South Africa laga

keenay ay u fureen Saraakiishii kala ahaa:

Gaashaanle Sare: Duuliye Ali Ibrahim Ahmed…..Banaadiri.

Gaashaanle:Duulie Mohamed Warsame Mooto….Dhulbahante.

Gaashaanle: Duuliye Maxamuud Mad Khaliif…..Raxanweyn.

Sida ku cad warqad ka soo baxday taliskii Ciidankii Cirka, waxa Sherkedii

Jama-Buluug loo hormariyey Mushaharkii Calooshood-u-shaqaysteyaasha oo dhamaa

600,000 US Dollor. lacagtaas waxa lagu shubay Account-kii Sherkeda Jama-Buluug oo la

odhan jiray Dhoodi-Meer LTD COMPANY oo ku taalay London. Dhoodi-Meer waa magacii

Faraskii Sayid Mohamed Cabdille Hassan. Isticmaalka Magaca Dhoodimeer waxa uu ka

turjumayaa Qabyaaladii qaawanayd iyo isla weynidii dalka ka jirtay sebenkaas.

Accountkii Dhoodi-Meer ee lacagta lagu shubi jiray waa kan hoos ku qaran…





Account Number 140/1/02494515

National Westminster Bank





Taliskii Siyaad Bare bilowgii hore ee dagaalka, wuxuu Caalamka ka qariyey isla

markaana si qayxan u dafiray in uu dagaal kula jiro Jabhadii SNM. Wuxuu isku deyey

in uu ka hortago wax kasta oo beentaa qaawan ka shifaaya. Gaashaanle Sare Duuliye

Faarax Siciid (Majeerteen) oo ahaa taliyihii ciidanka cirka ee Hargeysa iyo

Gaashaanle sare Mohamed Adan Dirir (Mareexaan) oo isna ahaa Taliyihii Ciidanka cirka

ee Berbera ayaa ku dalbaday Duuliyayaashii dayaaradaha Mig 17 iyo Mig 19 in ay

duqeeyaan oo si culus u Bamgareeyaan dad iyo duunyo wixii ay arkaan, si ay u


Qaxoontiga ku sii qulqulaaya dhinca Xadka Ethiopia. Ujeedada Siyaad Bare waxay ahayd

in uu Dunida ka qariyo xaqiiqda jiritaanka ee dagaalka.

Gaashaanle Sare Farah Siciid (Majeerteen) Taliyihii ciidanka cirka ee Hargeysa oo

isagu ahaa ninkii gacanta ku hayey hawlgelinta Dayaaradaha ayaa markii hawshii ku

balaadhatay u habarwacday taliyeyaashii saldhigyada ciidanka cirka ugu waa-weynaa ee

ku yaalay Ballidoogle iyo Baydhabo.

Gaashaanle Sare Duuliye khaliif Ciise Yuusuf /Majeerteen) taliyihii ciidanka Cirka

ee Ballidoogle oo hogaaminaaya Raxan dayaaradaha noocoodu yahay Mig 17 & Mig 19 iyo

Gaashaanle sare Duuliye Ali Ibrahim Ahmed (Banaadiri) taliyihii ciidanka cirka ee

Baydhabo oo isna horkacaaya raxan dayaaradaha loo yaqaan Hunters ayaa si deg-deg ah

uga soo deg Garoonka Hargeysa, kuna biiray hawlgalkii duqaynta ahaa ee hore u


Ciidankii hore ee dagaalka waday oo ku sugnaa welwel iyo walbahaar ayaa markay

arkeen ama ka war heleen Gurmadka Dayaaradaha ah niyadoodii si la yaab leh kor ugu

kacday, waxaanay aamineen in iminka ay Jabhada SNM Cagta maridoonaan. waxa la

abaabulay duulaan cir iyo dhul ah oo lagu qaado goobihii dadka shacabka ahi u qaxeen

iyo meelihii ay ku tuhmaayeen dagaalyahanada SNM, waxa markiiba sahan loo diray

dayaaradaha CESNA oo ay wadeen duulliyeyaasha kala ahaa:

1-Duuliye Ahmed Mohamed MaHamoud (Mareexaan)

2-Suufi Jeylaani Maxamed (Barawaani)

3-Faarax Xaaji Salaad (Majeerteen)

4-Yuusuf Juseeb (Majeerteen)

5-Xasan Yare…..(Ogaadeen)

Sahankii ka dib waxa la qaaday weerarkii lagu doonaayey in lagu soo afjaro halgankii

SNM., Duqayntii cirka iyo dhulkaba waxa ay si xidhiidha oo aan kal-g’olahayn habeen

iyo maalinba u socotay muddo dhowr bilood ah. Gaashaanle Sare Duuliye Yuusuf Maxamed

Maxamoud *Yuusuf yare (Majeerteen) oo waday Mig 17 waxa uu duqeeyey goob kasta oo uu

ku arkay Bidhaan dad iyo duunyo, Xataa Xoolaha nool ee Miyaga daaqaaya muu dhaafi

jirin. ninkaas oo Gacan-ku-dhiigle Moorgan ku abaal mariyey lacag faro badan iyo

Gaadhi *Landcruiser* ah waxa loo aqoonsaday in uu yahay Sarkaalkii Kaalinta kowaad

ka qaatay Burburkii dhinaca cirka ee loo gaystay Somaliland iyo Shacabkeedii.

Gaashaanle dhexe Duuliye Maxamud Xaaji Warsame *Mooto* (Dhulbahante) ayaa isna

qaatay kaalinta labaad ee duqayntii dhinaca Cirka. Kaalinta seddexaad waxa qaatay

Gaashaanle Sare Duuliye Mursal Muufo (Hawiye..Abgaal). Mursal waxa uu ku duuli jiray

Mig 19.

Guud ahaan Xasuuqii Ciidankii Cirka ee Somalia ay ka fuliyeen Gayiga Somaliland waxa

ka qayb qaatay Saraakiishan hoos ku qoran…..

1-G/sare Khaliif Ciise Yuusuf (Majeerteen) Taliyihii Ciidankii Cirka ee Balidoogle.

2-G/sare Faarax Siciid(Majeerteen) Taliyihii Ciidankii Cirka ee Hargeysa.

3-G/sare Maxamed Adan Dirir (Mareexaan)Taliyihii Ciidankii Cirka ee Berbera.

4-G/sare Yuusuf Maxamud Maxamed (Majeerteen)….Duuliye Mig 17.

5-G/sare Mursal Xaaji Axmed *Muufo*( Abgaal)……..Duuliye Mig 19.

6-G/sare Maxamed Xasan Raage (Xawaadle)…………Duuliye Mig 19, Ku-dhex-dhintay

dayaaradii uu ku dagaalamaayey oo soo dhacday….Cilad-farsamo

7-G/sare Xuseen Aadan Ibrahim (Samaroon)…………Duuliye Mig 19, Ku-dhex-dhintay

dayaaradii uu ku dagaalamaaya oo SNM soo riday

8-G/sare Ahmed Gurxan Hoori (Ogadeen)………….Duuliye Mig 19,

Ku-dhex-dhintay dayaaradii uu ku dagaalamaayey oo SNM soo riday

9-G/sare Maxamed Axmed Xaayow(Abgaal)…………….Duuliye Mig 19, ku-dhex-dhintay

dayaaradii uu ku dagaalamaayey oo soo dhacday…..Cilad-farsamo

10-G/sare Xirsi Maxamed Faarax (Mareexaan)………….Duuliye Mig 19

11-G/dhexe Cadulaahi Xaaji (Ogaadeen) Taliye-ku-xigeenkii Salidhiga Baydhabo.

12-G/dhexe Maxamud Xaaji Warsame (Dhulbahante)……Duuliye Hunter.

13-G/dhexe Moxamed Khaliif Isaaq (Raxanweyn)…………Duuliye Hunter,

ku-dhex-dhintay dayaaradii uu ku dagaalamaayey oo SNM soo riday.

Jabkii baahsanaa ee ciidankii cirka ka qabsaday dagaalkii ay la galeen Jabhadii SNM,

ka sokow waxa Fadeexad iyo ceeb weyni dusha ka fuushay Ciidankii Cirka oo la ogaaday

in magac mooyee aanay Aqoon durugsan iyo khibrad toona u lahayn dayaaradaha

dagaalka, waxa la ogaaday xataa in ay ku fashileen oo awoodi kari waayeen in ay

horjoogsadaan oo dib u celiyaan Shacbkii aan hubaysnayn ee Xadka Itoobiya u


Wajigii labaad ee Duqaynta dhinca Cirka oo ahaa Kaalintii Shisheeyaha Calooshood u

Shaqaystayaasha ayaa furmay, kadib markii Duuliyeyaashii Soomaalidu ku fashilmeen

dagaalkii. Jama-Buluug oo Hawshaa u xilsaaraa ayaa si deg-deg ah uga keenay

Calooshood-u-shaqaystayaal ka koobnaa (Duuliyeyaal, Farsamo-yaqaano iyo hal

dhakhtar) oo dalka lagu soo galiyey qaab dalxiisteyaal. waxa la dajiyey Guri dabaq

ah oo ku yaal Degmada Hodan Xaafada Taleex (Tel. 81878) oo uu lahaa Cabdulaahi Cumar

Ismaaciil*Casaro* ( Majeerteen). Waxa kale oo jirtay Haweeyne Ragga

Calooshood-u-shaqaystayaasha ah la socotay oo la odhan jiray Aggie Robanson oo

Duuliye ka ahayd Dayaarada Jama-Buluug lahaa oo nooceedu ahaa CESNA laba Mator-lay

oo TAXI ahaan ugu kala gooshi jirtay Mogdisho iyo Nairobi, kuna duuli jirtay Baaq

Afgasho…*flight code: five young alpha young* Dayaaradaasi waxa ay qaabilsananayd

daabulka Khamriga iyo Hilibka Doofaarka. Calooshood u Shaqaystayaashii laga soo

kiraystay South Africa iyo Zimbawi waxa ka mid ahaa lixdan danbiile ee hoos ku


1- J.R. Blythe Wood……Pilot.

2- M. Shegnuller………..Pilot.

3- D.R Jakson………….. Chie Engineer.

4- K.Jonnes…………….. Engines.

5- C.D Balfour……………Armaments.

6- J.D. Hurrel…………….Airframes.

Waxa Saraakiishii Ciidanka Cirku qaarkood cadeeyeen in tirada Calooshood u

shaqaystayaashu intaa ka badnayd oo la isku bedbedelijiray. Calooshood u

shaqaystayaashu marka ay hawda ku jiraan ee wax duqaynayaan waxay Isticmaali jireen

Code Names ahaa Jama iyo Diini. Labadaa magac ee ahaa Code names-ka, Jama waxa uu ka

soo jeedaa Jama-buluug. Diini waa magaca Jifada-Qabiil ee uu ka soo jeeday

kaligii-taliyihii Siyaad Bare

Inkasta oo Calooshood u shaqaystayaashii Shisheeye ay dad shacab ah Gumaadeen Hanti

badan burburiyeen haddan aakhirkii lafahoodii ayey u baqeen oo wey soo carareen.

Duuliye Blythe Wood inta uu xakamaha u jaray dayaaradii uu watay ayuu isna

Baarashuud ama Dallad kaga booday, Dayaaradiin-na waxay ay ku dhacday meel la

yidhaahdo Dallandoolle oo katirsan Degmada Buur-xakabo. Jama iyo Diini mar la

weydiiyey in ay ku noqonayaan dagaalkii, waxa ay ku jawaabeen hadal la macno ah

Murtida tidhaahda. *Adiguba Caqlaad leedahee Carar Maxaa Dhaama* …….. Dhamaad.

Macloomaadka ay Xambaarsantahay War-bixintani Qayb waxaan ka soo xigtay Buugga la

yidhaahdo Sababihii Burburkii Somalia oo uu qoray Qoraaga Magaciisu yahay

Cabdiqaadir Oromo, Qaybta kalen waxa ku deeqay Shakhsiyaada-ka hoos ku qoran.

1-Duuliye Suufi Jeylaani Maxamed (Barawaani)

2-Idiris Shide oo ahaa gacan yarihii Jama-buluug ee hayey xafiiskii Ballidoogle.

3- Xisaabiyihii Sherkedii Dhoodi-Meer ee Nairobi Fadhiyey 1980-tamaadkii.

4-Xoghayihii Taliyihii Ciidanka Cirka: Sare/Guuto…Cabdi Cismaan Maxamed (Cabdi-Caluq)

Waxa soo diyaariyey: Osman Abdillahi Sool…..Freelance Journalist.

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