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May 9, 2011

Ogeysiis/Announcement: A Rally Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Somaliland’s Independence in UK

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Ogeysiis/Announcement: A Rally Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Somaliland’s Independence in UK

The Somaliland community in the UK will on, 18th May 2011, hold a rally to mark the 20th anniversary of the birth of the Republic of Somaliland. The rally will be held on the Wednesday 18th May 2011 at Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London SW1 (opposite the house of Lords) between 12:00pm-5:00pm.

The Republic of Somaliland, formerly a British Protectorate, gained independence on 26th June 1960 which it inadvertently lost four days after it went into a merger with the Italian Trusteeship of Somalia to form the Somali Republic. Somaliland withdrew from the union on 18th May 1991 after it proved unjust, unsuccessful and dangerous to the aspirations of her people.

Somaliland embarked on a new path to decide on its own destiny as a sovereign state and against all odds successfully managed to overcome the aftermath of brutal war and the seeds sown by a brutal regime to build an enviable young thriving democracy dubbed by some as beacon of stability and a model for Africa. Unfortunately, despite fulfilling all legal requirements for statehood, its search for sovereignty is yet to materialise.

With this rally we, the Somaliland community in the UK, want to draw the attention of the British Government to the aspirations of the people of Somaliland. We want to add our voices to theirs and strengthen their legitimate demands for an international recognition. We want to join them in their call on the rest of the international community to extent political recognition to Somaliland and to continue assisting this young nations’s achievements by supporting the consolidation of peace, stability, economic development and democratic governance.

We want to remind the world that the prolonged negligence of the democratic will and self determination of the people of Somaliland jeopardises achievements secured in the areas of security, development and democracy. We also want to remind the world that continued indifference to the Republic of Somaliland’s demands for sovereignty will make an already turbulent region even more dangerous to both regional and international security.

The rally is also a way of expressing our gratitude to the British Government for increasing its financial assistance to Somaliland. While the much needed financial assistance is thankfully accepted and welcomed, Somalilanders in the UK are calling on the British government to also extend greater political support and spearhead to help Somaliland achieve the long overdue international recognition.

Venue: Old Palace Yard (Opposite the House of Lords) Westminster,London SW 1,UK 

Date: 18th May 2011

Time: 12 -5pm

Public Transport: Westminster Tube Station

 Note to editors:

1. For further information please contact:

Quman – Mobile: 07854781960 or email:

2. Contrary to the unfortunate loss of lives in many African and developing countries, elections in Somaliland have always been peaceful. Somaliland people have a deep-rooted tradition of tolerance, fairness, equality and freedom.

3. According to Rt Hon Chris Mullen, British Foreign Minister for Africa, who visited Somaliland in October 2004, Somaliland is:

“In a region torn by war and chaos Somaliland stands out as beacon of stability and progress…In the long term, however, sustainable development and prosperity in Somaliland will only be possible if there is peace and stability throughout the region…Let me assure you, however, that the British government will never be party to an agreement that pushes you – against your will – into a forced marriage with the South.”

4. The success story of Somaliland and its unparalleled achievements were vigorously debated in British Parliament on 4th February 2004. In this debate the Rt. Hon. Hilary Benn MP, Secretary of State for International Development, said:

“I concur completely with what we have heard today about governance and the progress that Somaliland has made. Indeed, it provides some important lessons, and in some respects acts as a beacon to other parts of Africa because of the relative stability that it has enjoyed for 10 years. It has held democratic elections—municipal and presidential—and aims to hold parliamentary elections in, we all hope, the not too distant future. It has a traditional bicameral Parliament…It has a police force, a defence force, its own currency and a relatively free and lively press. Undoubtedly, in contrast to the rest of Somalia, it has achieved an enormous amount for its people.”

For the complete debate visit:

Isku soo bax lagu taageerayo madaxbanaanida Qaranimada Somaliland “Kaaley taageer 20 guurada wadankaaga” Arbacada, 18-ka May 11:30-17:00

Sida aynu la wada socono 18-May ee sannadkan 2011, waxay ku beegan tahay labaatan guuradii madax-banaanida Jamhuuriyada Somaliland. Haddaba Guddida qabanqaabada xuska 20-tan guurada qaranimada Somaliland (18-ka May) oo ay hormood ka yihiin xisbiyada qaranka, ururada reer Somaliland ee UK, wakiilka dawladda Somaliland ee UK iyo hal doorka ku dhaqan UK, ayaa dhawaan go’aan ku gaadhay shir loo dhamaa in dabaaldega maalinta qaranimada Somaliland ee 18-ka May lagu xuso sida.:

* Isku soo bax balaadhan oo ku salaysan ictiraaf raadinta Somaliland iyo ahaanshaha Somalilandimada

* Muujinta Madax-banaanida Somaliland iyo Qaranka Somaliland waxyaabihii u qabsoomay muddadaa 20-ka sanno ah.

* Damaashaad iyo xafladayn ay dadweynaha reer Somaliland ku soo bandhigaan farxadooda ku aadan maalintan qiimaha badan.

Guddida qabanqaabadu waxay shacbiweynaha reer Somaliland ee UK ku dhaqan ugu baaqayaaan in ay si mug leh uga soo wada qayb galaan isku soo baxan loogu dabaadegayo 20-tan Guurada maalinta qaranimada Somaliland ee 18-ka May. Waxaanay ku guubaabinayaan dhamaanba Shacbiga reer Somaliland ee guddaha iyo dibaduba in ay si mideysan u muujiyaan qiimaha iyo qadarinta ay mudan tahay maalintan taariikhiga ah ee 20-jirkeedii loo dabaaldegayo. Dadka reer Somaliland ee ku dhaqan UK waxaanu ku adkaynaynaa in ay isku duubni isku soo baxan ku muujiyaan cududooda iyo taageerada wadankooda hooyo ay u hayaan.

Maalinta (Arbaca) : 18.05.2011

Goobta : Old Palace Yard Westminster (ka soo horjeedka Baarlamaanka) London (SW1)

Wakhtiga: 11:30-05:00

Gaadiidka: Westminster Tube Station

Wixii faahfaahin ah fadlan kala soo xidhiidh Guddiga qabanqaabada xuska 18-Ka May emailkan hoos ku xusan


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