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December 26, 2010

Talk of Abduction As SSC Somali Terror Boss Vanishes

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Talk of Abduction As SSC Somali Terror Boss Vanishes


The head of the notorious Al-Shabab-linked terror group known by its Somali acronym, SSC, has disappeared during a trip to England amid intense speculation he has been snatched by the vigilant Scotlandyard’s anti-terror cops.

Saleban Esse Ahmed, better known as Xaglotoosiye (Angle Straightener), vanished into thin air after being sent to England in an effort to collect money from SSC’s base supporters and sympathisers there to finance the terror activities of his extremist outfit, which had carried out communal massacres and several operations against the troops of the yet-to-be-recognised state of Somaliland in the eastern region of Sool from which the terror boss hails. Mr. Ahmed whose terror outfit had cultivated secret links with Al-Shabab was presiding over the group’s terror activities over the past year.

Mr. Ahmed is said to have disappeared after reportedly taking a flight from Nairobi, Kenya on 15th December. But he was no where to be found in England a week after his departure from Jomo Kenyatta international aiport in Nairobi. Friends and relatives are becoming increasingly concerned about his disappearance.

“Aside from this speculation, it is not clear whether he was detained by Kenyan police before he departed from there or whether he was bundled into a van on arrival in the UK but what is clear here though is that the man disappeared into a black hole,”said Ali Mohamed Ali, a Somalilander resident in London whose relative had been killed by the SSC.

Rumours abound that Mr. Ahmed may have gone into hiding at the advice of his closest aides for fear of being targeted by those whose relatives had been brutally mowed down with a machine gun by the SSC terrorists while performing their Eid prayers at an open field near Buhoodle in mid November.

The SSC, with covert support from Al-Shabab Islamist insurgents, killed the sector commander of the Somaliland troops in Sool region by using remotely controlled improvised explosive device (IED) planted by a roadside in Las Anod- the provincial capital of Sool.

The SSC extremists take their inspiration from Mohamed Abdullah Hassan- a religious zealot who called himself The Mahdi (the divinely guided one) but branded “Mad Mullah” by the British. He is famously known to have captured and murdered the English Colonel Richard Corfield and chanted over his dead body:

Corfield, this is your last hour in this world.

You are of those who go to Hell.

When you arrive there and meet your friends,

Tell them that all Englishmen will soon follow you.

Tell them how we smashed your head.

And if your friends in Hell ask where your teeth are,

Tell that they are lying strewn here in the sun.

And do not forget to tell them down there

That the next to come will look as you do.

The Mullah was a terror not only to foreigners, whom he considered as having no business in his country, but also to his own people as well.

Being the local franchise of Al-Shabab in this peaceful and stable part of Somaliland, the SSC ‘s objective is to destabilize and destroy the present social status quo of the three provinces of Sool, Sanaag and Cayn for which its acronym stands and replace it with a new order of its own. Residents of these Somaliland provinces strongly believe that the SSC want nothing other than to deliver these provinces to Al-Shabab.

The SSC is considered a terrorist group by Abdirahman Faraoole, the president of the self-autonomous region of Puntlad, who is related by blood to the terror boss. Equally, Somaliland regards the group as terrorists while Ethiopia smashed the groups’ base in Buhoodle in the eastern province of Somaliland last year.

A. I. Olad


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  1. every body knows they are very link and they got support each. other thats not secret. middel of 2010. there meetings in mogadisho delegates ssc and alshabaab and they make radio adress. their relationship in horn afri ca radio

    Comment by farxan — March 9, 2011 @ 12:59 am | Reply

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