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July 29, 2010

Somaliland new President announces his cabinet

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Somaliland new President announces his cabinet

President Ahmed Mohamed M. Silanyo


Hareigsa –  Somaliland new president Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo announced today his cabinet for the next government of Somaliland. The cabinet includes 20 ministerial positions and six deputy of minister.

In a press conference at Hargeisa presidential palace, the new presidents addressed the nation and announced his cabinet. The cabinet is half of the previous government.

The cabinet includes two women ministers and one deputy minister. This is first time that Somaliland cabinet has this of number women representation. This is a fulfillment of President Silanyo campaign promises. The President made campaign promise that women will present 25% of his cabinet. This is seen a progressive move by Somaliland citizens and many women organizations have praised these appointees.

Before the president announced his cabinet, the president gave a long speech in which he detailed different aspects of the policy of the new government. He asked for the people’s support of the new government. He said that he chose his cabinet based on expertise and qualifications and after long consolation with intelligentsia of the country.

Also the president called for the release of all political prisoners, who are arrested under the previous government. The president called for the armed militia in Eastern part of the country to throw their arms and start constructive dialogue with the national government. He highlighted some of the goals of his government, which include the development in agriculture and fishery sectors fighting poverty and increasing social welfare services to the “Mujahidin of SNM.”

The president said that he will work closely with neighboring countries to increase cooperation to fight extremism and pirate activities in the India ocean. Mr. Silanyo called to make new allies in the Arab governments and China. He said that his government will fight corruption by increase transparency and holding official accountable.

Somaliland youth groups have expressed disappointment after the president made many promises to them during his campaign. The cabinet does not include any youth member.

“We are very happy that the new president appointed 3 women to ministerial positions. But we are disappointed that the president has forgotten about us. We are not blaming him personally. Until tribalism and nepotism cease to exist in our politics, the youth will not take on leadership positions that it deservers.” Nimco Aadan, youth organization member and employee of the UN Development programs told our reporter in Hargeisa.

The cabinet includes new faces in the political scene in Somaliland. The cabinet includes highly educated individuals who did not participate in politics of Somaliland. This has surprised many political observers, and it is seen a move to new direction.

List of cabinet positions.

1. Dr. Mohamed Abdoulahi Omar for the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.
2. Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gaboose for the Secretary of Interior and Domestic Affairs.
3. Dr. Sacad Ali Shire for the Secretary of Planning and Development .
4. Mr. Mohamed Haashi Emli for the Secretary of Treasury.
5. Mr. Hussein Ahmed Aidid for the Secretary of Transportation .
6. Samsam Cabdi Aadan for the Secretary of Education,
7. Dr. Hussein Mohamoud Mohamed for the Secretary of Health.
8. Xaaji. Adam Adami for the Secretary of Defense.
9. Abdirisaaq Khaliif Ahmed for the Secretary of Finance and industrial Development.
10. Dr. Ahmed Haashi Oday for Secretary of Rural Development and Environment.
11. Abdirisaaq Ibrahim Mohamed for the Secretary of Telecommunication and Postal Services.
12. Prof. Ismail Mumin Aare for Attorney General and Ministry of Justice Secretary.
13. Sheekh Khalil Abdilahi Ahmed for the Secretary of Religion.
14. Ilhaan Mohamed Yassin Hassan for the Secretary of labor and social welfare.
15. Dr. Mohamed Yasin Hassan for the Secretary of Fishery.
16. Dr. Hueesin Abdi Ducaal for the Secretary of Mining and Water Resources.
17. Mr. Mohamed Haashi Madar for the Secretary of Sports and.
18. Prof. Farah Elmi Mohamed for the Secretary of agriculture.
19. Mohamoud Haashi Abdi for the Secretary of Aviation.
20. Abdilaahi Jaamac for the Secretary of Press.

List of Deputies for Ministerial Positions:

1-Ali Haamoud Jbriir as the Deputy Secretary for Education.
2- Mohamaed Yoonis Awali as the Deputy Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
3-Osman Garad Soofe as the Deputy Secretary of Interior Minister.
4-Ali Abdi Saqi as the Deputy Secretary for Planning and Development.
5-Warsama Saeed Abdi for the Deputy Secretary of Finance.
6-Nimo Huessin Qawdhan for the Deputy Secretary of Health.

Reported by Abdiqani Baynax in Hargeisa & Mohamed Gulaid


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