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May 3, 2010

SOMALILAND: UAE medical team arrives

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HARGEISA — A medical team from UAE’s Red Crescent Authority (RCA) and Women and Health Alliance International (WAHA) consisting of surgical team and other personnel have arrived in Somaliland’s capital, Hargeisa on Saturday to provide free essential surgical services to sick women and children.

Dr. Sami, who was leading the delegation, told local press during their visit to Edna Adan Maternity hospital, that UAE was ready to assist Somaliland in number of fields including the rehabilitation of the economy, training doctors, providing medical assistance and private-sector job creation.

Dr. Sami also added, this was not their first visit to Somaliland and will not be the last to provide much needed Humanitarian medical mission.

The UAE mission also revealed to the local media, that UAE government will fund a multi-million dollar state of the art medical school in Hargeisa that will provide international standard medical education. The construction is expected to begin soon and will be finished by 2017.

The Emirati team carried out number of successful medical activies in Edna Adan Maternity hospital, which included treating and operating on mothers with complications such as heavy bleeding, fistula, and infections which contribute to higher mortality rates of both mother and child. Prior to the surgical operations, the UAE team took time to brief the patients about fistula, how the injury occurs and what to expect from surgery.

Dr Edna Adan, who was also present at the hospital, briefed the medical team of Somaliland’s on going childbirth complications. “The purpose of their trip is to treat and provide surgical services to women affected by obstetric fistula during childbirth. Most of these women are from poor families and often travel long distance, some times across the border,” she said.

“Obstetric fistula occurs when labour does not progress normally. The pressure of the baby’s head against the soft pelvic organs causes a hole in the bladder usually making it to burst. This results in the urine been continuously been passed from the bladder without control. She will require urgent medical interventions,” Edna continued.

Edna added that, three doctors at her hospital, one man and two female doctors were experienced to treat such complications but they often get overwhelmed. She added that, the first such surgical operation was performed at her hospital in 2002.

According Emirates News Agency, HE Mohammed Khalifa Ahmed Al Qamzi, secretary general of the RCA, said his organisation was capable of providing all kinds of assistance to the needy Somalis in line with their Humanitarian objectives.

The Red Crescent Society of the United Arab Emirates is headed by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Emir of Abu Dhabi. In 2008, the Sheikh vowed to assist Somaliland in Humanitarian and development field during a state visit president Dahir Rayale to Abu Dhabi.

WAHA, on the other hand is based in France and was launched by the Sheikh’s wife, Her Highness Sheikha Shamsa bint Hamdan Al-Nahyan, to address and campaign for women’s causes and reduce maternal mortality around the world. It currently operates in 13 countries including Somaliland, most of them in Africa.

Somaliland has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world and obstetric services is almost null. However, medical warriors such as Edna Adan, who was recently decorated with the French Order, the Legion d’Honneur, continue to make a difference. Since her hospital opened it’s doors in 2002, maternal mortality rates in the country was reduced by one-fourth (see Edna Adan Ismail receives Legion d’Honneur from French President.

The delegation will be in the country until the 9th of May and will visit number of clinic and hospitals in the country. As well as women and children, they will also perform surgery on deaf people, as well as run seminars and conferences to address health awareness.

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