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April 24, 2010

Somaliland FM Mr Dualeh invited to a diplomatic conference

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HARGEISA  — Romanian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Gabriel Branzaru, has organised a regional Diplomatic Conference and invited Somaliland’s Foreign Minister, Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Dualeh as a guest speaker on Thursday – consulate press release.

The aim of the conference was to promote a concrete and fruitful discussion on a number of issues concerning the region, in particular Somaliland, including security, democracy and development.

According to a press release by Somaliland’s consulate in Addis Ababa, a total of 35 diplomats and ambassadors from countries of the EU, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, United States, and China took part in the 2-hour conference.

While addressing the conference, Mr. Dualeh urged the diplomats and ambassadors to support Somaliland in the fields of security, economy, development and to put their weight behind the state’s quest for international recognition. He also said Somaliland played an important role in the region and should not be ignored. He urged them to engage with Somaliland and has invited them over to Hargeisa, on which, A number of diplomats expressed interest.

The minister also answered questions from various diplomats and ambassadors.

Mohamed Sheikh Hassan and Ayanle Salad Deria, Somaliland ambassador to Ethiopia and his vice respectively were also present at the conference.

Mr Dualeh finally thanked the diplomats for warmly receiving him and praised the Romanian ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Gabriel Branzaru.



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