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March 21, 2010

SOMALILAND: President Meets Yemeni Delegation

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HARGEISA, 20 March 2010 – President Dahir Rayale Kahin met a Yemeni delegation in his office today. According to a press release made my the government spokesman, Mr. Saeed Adani Moge, the meeting took place at the president’s office to discuss several issues concerning the two countries.

Mohamed Rawishani, the leader of the delegation said he is delighted to visit Somaliland and observe the stability in the country. They said they will open a trade office before the end of their visit which will start operating as soon as possible.

The President welcomed the delegation and said Somailland is ready to build a strong bilateral relationship with the Yemeni government. Mr. Kahin talked about the background of the relationship between Somaliland and Yemen which was mainly based on trade and business between the two countries. He mentioned the meeting he had with the Yemeni President, Ali Abdalla Salah in 2007 where the two agreed on resuming the trade relationship between Hargeisa and San’a.

“There are Yemeni family who always lived in Somaliland and there are Somaillanders who lived in Yemen throughout the history” Said the President. “This is the proof that the two countries shared a long history of good relationship” he concluded.

The Yemeni delegation arrived Somaliland few days ago and during their stay they had meetings with a senior government officials including ministers, politicians and others.

Yemen’s intention to open a new office in Somaliland will strengthen the relationship between the two countries in terms of trade.


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