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March 8, 2010

SomTel(Somaliland) officially launches operations in Nationwide with Ceremonies

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Hargeisa, 7 March 2010-The long away operation launch of SomTel was finally held yesterday in all major cities of Somaliland by the company’s managements. SomTel which is expected to play a major role in the telecommunication sector of Somaliland has been the talk of the country last few months because of its parent company Dahabshiil.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, managing director of SomTel Mr. Hirsi Hassan told the guess of honors at the ceremony that SomTel will offer customers high speed internet service and cheaper phone rates domestically and internationally. When it comes to technology Mr. Hassan said SomTel will not be digging the grounds nor will SomTel hang wires in the middle of the streets but rather it will deploy wireless technology.

The telecommunication industry in Somaliland has been one of the thriving sectors of the economy because of the needs to communicate with family members in the Diasporas. By having one more company join the telecommunication field is seen as blessing by the consumers.
To sum it up the launching, Mr. Hirsi Hassan informed the audience that a healthy completion is always beneficial to the consumers and therefore they should take full advantage of SomTel’s products.





  1. waxaan salaamayaa shirkada cusub ee somtel, wanaan u hambal yaynayaa.
    waxaan doonayaa inaan ogaado shirkadu waa shirkad casriya oo ka casrisan shirkadihii kale ee dalka ka jiray siday sheegeen madaxda shirkadu, waxaanay yidhaahdeen Gsmka somtel ama mobilka somtel wuxuu ku shaqayn karaa meel kasta oo aad joogto, markaa ma ku shaqayn karaa wadamada carabta sida kuwait, qatar iyo kuwa la mid ka ah?
    haday su’aashu tahay haa, local ahaan maw isticmaali karaa anoo jooga debeda maadaama uu debeda ku shaqaynayo?
    waxaan doonayaa inaad faah faahin iga siisaan arintaas, waana mahadsantihiin.

    Comment by muxiyadiin maxamed — March 20, 2010 @ 6:00 pm | Reply

  2. Ugu horayn waxaan hanbalyaynayaa shirkada somtel. marka labaad waxaan odhanlahaa waa in shirkadu ay soo kordhisaa adeegy

    Comment by Abdiqadir Shariif — September 18, 2010 @ 11:42 am | Reply

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